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Pulse-width modulation / широтно-импульсная модуляция:

Pulse-width modulation / широтно-импульсная модуляция
B — сигнал, V — уровень напряжения
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Reënable backspace button to go back in Safari

Everyone knows that Backspace key is no longer a Back button after Safari 6.0 update. And I want take it back. This is solution:

[Any other ways] replaces the original «cmd-[» shortcut for Back, rendering it useless in text fields. This forum thread has the command to re-enable Backspace without changing your other keys:

defaults write com.apple.Safari com.apple.Safari.ContentPageGroupIdentifier.WebKit2BackspaceKeyNavigationEnabled -bool YES

Useful tip: It also restores shift-delete for going forward. This is a much nicer option, so the original submission should probably be updated to mention it.


 26   2013   in English   OS X   Safari   tips-and-tricks

Drill-down interface

drill down Computing access data which is in a lower level of a hierarchically structured database.

 11   2013   in English   Objective-C


Both View and View controller has any property. Which one should we set?

Follow the Model-View-Controller pattern: talk to the controller and let the controller talk to the view.

 5   2013   in English   Objective-C


Interested objects register to receive a message when a particular notification is posted or when a particular object posts.

 20   2013   in English   Objective-C

Low-memory conditions

To avoid memory leaks, the convention for IBOutlets is to declare them as __weak references.

Is it applicable to iOS 6.0? (Notice that viewDidUnload is deprecated in iOS 6.0.)

 10   2013   in English   Objective-C

The main Function

Once the application object is created, its run loop essentially becomes an infinite loop: the executing thread will never return to main.

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 8   2013   in English   Xcode


The map view will send messages to its delegate when interesting events happen.

 7   2013   in English   Objective-C

How to change screen size of view in xib?

While you are starting code iOS application and having iPhone 4, you probably gets question: how to change screen size of view in xib? Or view size on xib canvas.

Changing view size from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4 screen size (or Retina 4 to Retina 3.5) is here:

But if you are looking for how to create xibs both for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 may be this is the solution.

 14   2013   in English   Objective-C


Mod operation (aka modulo or modulus) that gives you remainder of devision is a %-sign:

if (i % 2 == 0) {

 11   2013   in English   Objective-C
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